Calm and Renew

Calm and Renew is a comprehensive 12 week online program that shows you exactly how to regain your health and stop feeling tired, wired, and bloated - in a way that is natural and evidence based, without time consuming restrictive protocols.

Join Us for a Fresh Start

Clean up your diet, develop healthy habits, have some fun in the kitchen, and learn new ways to strengthen, support, and heal your digestion.

REGISTRATION OPEN - Doors close (and we start) Feb.1st 2023


Before we dive into the details of this transformative program, let's see if it's for you...

You're in the right place if ANY of these sound like you...

→ You need to clean up your diet and get your health on track.

→ You feel tired, heavy, depressed, or anxious.

→ You want to cleanse or detox but don't know where to start or how to make it more holistic or personalized.

→ You experience digestive troubles like bloating, constipation, or sensitivities, and you want to address and heal your digestion.

→ You've been working with eating healthy for a while, but you'd like to amp it up and take your health to the next level.

→ You want more tools and ideas to help your clients and loved ones.

→ You find it hard to stay consistent and motivated with healthy habits.

→ You could use personalized support and community.


Being healthy, feeling vibrant, and living with ease doesn't have to be complicated.

You can trust your body, and find practices and a daily rhythm that works for you.


This is ancient wisdom meets modern medicine

The thing is... The health and wellness world is a tricky landscape right now.

You have more information available than ever before, but it's hard to know who to trust and HOW to implement everything.

Working with a private practitioner can be expensive and time consuming. Plus, it's difficult to stay motivated and make your diet and lifestyle changes stick when life is moving so fast.

Whether you have young children, low motivation, a stressful job, or just a busy mind, it can be challenging to maintain health and a good diet when you have the rest of life to deal with!!


"I would highly recommend this course. I am so happy I had the opportunity to join Calm and Renew. It has been a wonderful experience. I have lost weight, I feel much healthier, I’m sleeping better, my skin is clearer, I have more energy and I feel happier. Jennifer has really done an amazing job creating this course, teaching us how to work towards health and wellness through nutrition, mindful movement, and meditation. If you are looking for a way to improve your health, Calm and Renew is the best place to start. The course is laid out so well, it’s easy to follow, and it’s so informative."

Angela Brownell
British Columbia, Canada

After completing Calm and Renew you will have:

  • REGAINED ENERGY and learned what supports your constitution.
  • BUILT A STRONG FOUNDATION for overall health and wellbeing.
  • UNCOVERED IMBALANCES and inflammatory triggers.
  • Started your journey towards HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS (if desired).
  • DEVELOPED your home YOGA AND MEDITATION practice.
  • HONED IN on what makes you feel even better than you do now.
  • LEARNED HOW TO HELP your family, students or clients.
  • CREATED life long healthy changes.

When you join Calm and Renew... you'll develop (and stick with) nourishing and healing habits to strengthen your digestion and overall health.

Over 12 weeks you'll get in-depth information through instructional videos and printable handouts, personalized support on LIVE calls (and replays), and community support in our private facebook group.

You'll also get access to a huge library of mindful movement and meditation practices, and guest expert lessons throughout the program.

Included in Calm and Renew:

  • 12 week live guided program (complete access for 1 year).
  • Access to an exclusive online portal which contains all of the course materials.
  • 6 Modules packed with lessons that will take you from feeling not your best to deeply nourished.
  • In depth video lessons that teach you exactly what to do next, and why. In these lessons you'll learn about healing, digestion, food as medicine, stress, the hormonal system, fatigue, breathing patterns, habit science, and more.
  • 6 LIVE Q&A calls with Jennifer where you can ask questions and receive personalized guidance and support.
  • Comprehensive step-by-step guides and lessons complete with meal plans and shopping lists.
  • A guided cleanse or detox of your choice including guidance on cleansing practices and methods.
  • Downloadable and printable readings and worksheets to amplify your understanding and results.
  • Access to the private Calm and Renew community group for motivation and connecting with other members.
  • Additional resources to stay focused and inspired.
  • Full time access to a technical support team to help with any concerns.
  • Very secure payment processing (SSL security certificate) and MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


  • YOGA AND MEDITATION PRACTICE LIBRARY - gain full access to 20+ yoga and meditation videos/audios to support you in easing stress, and healing.
  • GUEST EXPERTS - learn from 5 additional experts on additional topics like breathing for the nervous system, pelvic floor health, macrobiotics, the healing power of cacao, and secrets for deep hydration.
  • RECIPE BOOK and MEAL PLANS - download over 40 recipes and multiple weeks of meal plans, shopping lists, and more to support your healing.

Calm and Renew will help you heal the causes of imbalance and give you the tools, support, and inspiration to follow through, develop a healthy diet, and make the changes you know you're ready to make.

Rose Ann Walker
Washington, USA

"I absolutely would recommend this course! Taking this course will improve your health, your relationship with yourself, your loved ones and others. By investing in this course, you will invest in your health and well being. I have noticed so many positive changes! I feel that taking this course has been one of the best things I could possibly have done for myself for a very long time! 'Calm and Renew' offers a compassionate, guided, integrative pathway to health. When I first started the course, I didn't realize just how much I was in a state of dis-ease. With Jennifer's kind and compassionate manner, thorough research and broad knowledge base in the healing arts, I have learned new tools, and relearned some familiar tools to help myself become more of who I am in the deepest sense. I have also particularly enjoyed interacting with Jennifer and others taking the course on a regular basis via Zoom (online platform), as this honors the strength and power of community in building health."

"During Calm and Renew, I lowered my inflammation levels from 4.4 to 0.9 (The medical system red flag marker is 4.8). I have significantly less physical discomfort, and I lost some weight. As a result of developing healthier hydration habits, my bowels are super healthy. I am much more conscious of eating for reasons other than hunger. I am meditating, and I'm in bed earlier and more often waking feeling refreshed and energized. I appreciated getting information and resources that I can have confidence in. I appreciated Jennifer's gentle, positive approach to supporting making healthy lifestyle changes. I am much more knowledgeable and also conscious of how I can take responsibility for my health and wellness. I would recommend the course because it provides information and supports the development of simple, achievable practices to support health and wellness."

Susan Williams
British Columbia, Canada


Are You Ready?

If you know your current habits could use an upgrade, and you want to feel more vibrant and alive, this program is right for you.

If you're ready to invest in yourself, and you're committed to expansion and learning, I would be honoured to have you join us!!

REGISTRATION OPEN - We begin Feb.1st 2023

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It pays to go on this journey with someone who's done it before! I know exactly where most people get stuck when it comes to changing habits. We'll start by setting you up for success. You'll develop a whole foods diet, and you'll get CRYSTAL CLEAR on what you're wanting to achieve, and HOW you're getting there.

In your first module you'll...

  • Get clear on what you want and how to get there.
  • Assess your symptoms to determine exactly where you're out of balance.
  • Prepare your body, mind, fridge, and closet for transformation!
  • Dial in your hydration and bowel movements.
  • Get the lowdown on foods to avoid and why.


In this module we dive deep into taking care of yourself, your clients, or your family. You'll implement easy and effective HABITS, begin a personalized elimination diet, and create delicious meals that reduce inflammation and HEAL DIGESTION. Plus, you'll begin to figure out exactly what foods and habits are causing you troubles and how to fix it!

In your second module you'll...

  • Create routines and learn techniques to stick with them.
  • Learn about habit science and how to make it work for you.
  • Start using your meal plans, recipe book, and shopping lists.
  • Begin your personalized elimination diet.
  • Explore which foods work for you and which trigger inflammation in your body.
  • Learn how to heal "leaky gut", the microbiome, and digestive complaints.


At the center of a healthy body and mind are nourishing and healing foods. In this module we'll have some fun in the kitchen! Join for live HOLISTIC COOKING CLASSES, or simply watch the videos in your own time to discover new recipes and joy in the kitchen. We'll also explore the wisdom of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine and Holistic Nutrition in this module. These systems have great insight to share when it comes to food prep, spices, herbal medicine, and food selection.

In your third module you'll...

  • Learn how Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda can help you.
  • Prepare foods like sprouts, elixirs, ferments, legumes, grains (and more) the right way - with lots of tips and tricks to make it easy, fun, and healthy.
  • Learn about fats and oils, adaptogens, spices, and supplements.
  • Integrate herbal remedies for specific conditions, and healthy digestive function.


Healing and health is not just physical. If you're stressed, and your nervous system is out of whack, your body will hold onto weight and you won't get far with your goals. In this module I will help you counteract the effects of stress, STOP FEELING WIRED AND TIRED, and STABILIZE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR AND HORMONES.

In your fourth module you'll...

  • Heal your stress response and adrenals, and soothe your nervous system.
  • Address and understand underlying causes of fatigue, aches and pains, digestive disturbances, allergies, hormonal concerns, anxiety, and depression.
  • Deepen your sleep and create healthy sleep patterns.
  • Support your immune system for deep healing.
  • Learn about the energetic system and the subtle body.
  • Use gentle practices like yin yoga, restorative yoga, "somatics", and breath work.


Detoxification is an important part of any health plan, but which one should you choose?? In this module you'll learn about MANY cleanses and detox systems, and you'll DESIGN (and do) A CLEANSE/DETOX THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU.

In your fifth module you'll...

  • Deeply nourish yourself by creating a detox plan that is right for you.
  • Learn about juicing, water fasting, broths, intermittent fasting, and mono-diets.
  • Understand if raw or cooked food is right for you and why.
  • Discover how diagnostic techniques like reading your tongue can help you.
  • Practice special cleansing techniques.
  • Use specific herbal remedies and superfoods for cleansing.


Now it's time to integrate all you've learned and make it a part of your life going forward. After the last 12 weeks of experimenting, making changes, and feeling SO MUCH BETTER, choosing which habits to keep will be easy. Plus, Jennifer will be there (as always) to help you ease out of the program smoothly and strongly!

In your last module you'll...

  • Create an individualized plan for after the end of the program.
  • Receive extra resources and guidance for moving forward.
  • Stay connected in our ongoing community member group.


+ What if I'm unhappy with the course?

Calm and Renew is a comprehensive system that will take your health to the next level. I'm confident that if you commit you'll see results. If after enrolling you are unsatisfied we'll refund your investment within the first 14 days after signup Simply contact us and after a few short questions regarding why you weren't satisfied we will refund you minus a small administration fee.

+ Can I go at my own pace? What if I get behind?

I personally guide this program live for 12 weeks starting in February, but if you prefer to go at your own pace that's ok too. You'll have access to the course for the entire year to watch videos and download the content.

+ How will the course content be delivered?

After registration you'll get access to the online portal where all of the lessons are released. Core lessons are primarily delivered through many pre-recorded videos, and 6 live calls with Jennifer for all of your questions. There are also many downloadable printable resources. You can return to all of the material at your own pace as well.

+ Will I be able to speak to Jennifer and ask questions?

Yes! There are 6 live coaching calls with Jennifer during the program. This is an opportunity to have all of your questions answered and receive additional support. If you can't attend the live calls, replays will be available in your online portal. Our technical support team is also available for technical questions.

+ How much time is required?

There are many different options as far as your involvement and commitment. Many different types of people will be participating in this program, so during the course I'll offer a variety of options to create a personalized program. Many of the lessons involve incorporating changes into your daily habits and won't require a lot of extra time. The depth of your involvement will depend on your needs and time available. Because the modules will be available to you for the whole year there is no need to feel rushed and you are free to move at your own pace.

+ Will I have to change my diet? Do I need any special equipment?

No special equipment is needed. There is an important component of the program that involves learning about (and healing) the digestion. What that means is up to you. Some participants try intense variations of cleansing including juice fasting, while others find creating a wellness plan using whole foods enough. Calm and Renew is about much more than food. This program is all about finding practices that work for your specific constitution and situation. Healing also involves our habits, relationships, homes, and minds so there are practices that support all of those realms as well.



Jennifer Raye holds her doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, herbalist, acupuncturist, holistic nutritionist, and ERYT 500 (experienced) mindful yoga and meditation teacher qualified to lead teacher training

Jennifer’s offerings reflect her extensive and varied expertise in the fields of contemplative practice and integrative medicine. Her extensive medical background as well as her long term, and dedicated passion for health, creates a learning environment that is deeply informed and instructive.

Jennifer maintains a private medical practice and has been faculty at a number of educational institutions including Pacific Rim College of Integrative Medicine and yoga therapy teacher training programs. She currently teaches classes, retreats, and teacher training, locally and internationally. She is also the creator of a number of online programs.

For more info about Jennifer visit:

If you want to amplify your health and start living a life of ease...

I cannot wait for you to get started! I've seen over and over again how this method can give you more energy, a happier belly, and a brighter mood.

If you feel like chronic symptoms (or just feeling lacklustre) is holding you back, you owe it to yourself to make this investment. You will not be disappointed when you choose to join me and our amazing community of health seekers. I do hope you'll take this risk-free step and join me for this transformative program.

I look forward to seeing and meeting you inside the program!

With so much love,